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Scarlet Night

book by Gracie Gardner, music and lyrics by Max Vernon

Install Director: Margaret Lee

Install Choreographer: Becca Robinson

Stage Management: Virgin Voyages in-house team(s)

Original Creative Team

Director: Ellie Heyman

Associate Director: Margaret Lee

Movement & Improv Associate: Martha Marion

Music Director: Erika Ji

Install PSM: Kristy Bodall

Install ASM: Kacey Gritters

Scenic Design: Susannah Hyde

Lighting Designer: Tabitha Rodman

Costume Designer: Haydee Zelideth 

Sound Design: Julian Evans


Virgin Voyages in-house entertainment cast(s)

Opened October 2021 on Scarlet Lady

Opened February 2022 on Valiant Lady

Opening May 2023 on Resilient Lady

Opening TBD on Brilliant Lady

Happening across 3 decks each voyage on Virgin Voyages' Lady Ships Fleet

Produced by Asher Young & Angeline Wang, Remarkable Entertainment & Virgin Voyages

Scarlet Night: Welcome
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