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From A to Double D

One woman’s life, one bra at a time. Devon Hayes is holding an auction…and it sure as shit ain’t your granny’s auction. During this comedic drama, cast your bid for bras and the memories that come with them. From sizes A through Double D, we visit the most intimate chapters in Devon’s life, from the perky highs to the saggy lows until this party comes to an unexpected end. Grab a beer, grab a paddle and come on down to the auction! How high will you bid?

by Mandy Murphy

Director: Margaret Lee

Stage Manager: Sally Burgos

Scenic Design: Selby Souza

Lighting Design: Elizabeth M. Stewart

Costume Design: Jessica McHugh

Sound Design: Twi McCallum

Ensemble: Marisa Jones, Abby Knipp, Neev Bar David, Mandy Murphy

Opened January 2020

IRT Theater - Moxie Arts NY

Produced by K. Hernandez Friend & Madelyn Paquette, Moxie Arts NY

From A to Double D: Welcome
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